Making Biodiesel Glycerin Soaps is a comprehensive guide to using the biodiesel byproducts to make homemade soap. This book is for the biodiesel home brewer as well as the traditional soap maker.

Within its pages you will learn basic through advanced soap making techniques that apply to both traditional and biodiesel byproduct soap making. You will learn how to determine a saponification (SAP) value for your biodiesel byproducts. Having a SAP value allows you to make soap that is not caustic hot and makes every bit of soap possible from your biodiesel byproducts. The SAP will also allow you to use your biodiesel byproducts as ingredients in traditional soap making recipes.

Other topics covered include, but are not limited to adding properties to your soap, hard bar soap, transparency , thickened liquid soap, coloring and scenting your soap, and much more!

Making Biodiesel Glycerin Soaps contains over 80 pages jam packed full of useful soap making information and photos documenting the soap making process!!!

Make liquid glycerin soap better than any store bought! Liquid glycerin soap clear enough to read through! Pumped up and ready for sale!!!
Make nice and solid bar soap with loads of lather!!! Glycerin Bar Soap -- Pretty in Pink!!! Glycerin Bar Soap -- Ready to package and sell!!!

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